FALLA's project

FALLA's project

FALLAs origin
The FALLA celebrates the artistic expression and diversity, and finds its origins in the carnival traditions of Valencia, Spain. The event gives rise to the construction of an enormous wooden piece set on fire during popular celebrations.

The Creation of a Collective Piece
TOHU welcomes its falleros, eight Montreal-based youth from various backgrounds, working on their socio-professional integration and supported by the Programme d’information sur le travail et la recherche d’emploi de Montréal. Aged 17 to 27, they work for some 10 weeks at building an enormous 11 by 8 metres structure, inspired by the “One Thousand and One Nights” theme. Supported by professional artists and nearly 300 Saint-Michel’s residents, they express through the construction of the gigantic piece the actual viability of a concrete citizens' participation and multiculturalism project.

4 working steps:
1. Construction
2. Shaping
3. Assembly and accessories
4. Painting

The structure, studied and designed to enable proper fire spreading, is built using a wooden frame, on which characters are added. The eight falleros staple a series of thin strips of wood to create the rounded shapes and cover it all with paper (imported from Valencia), as well as highly combustible coating and paint. The stackability of all the parts ensures solidity of the structure. The FALLA can be seen in its whole for only a few days before it goes up in flames.

The gigantic piece of 2016 • Inspired by the One Thousand and One Nights tale.
• 11 metres high and 8 metres wide.
• The 7-metre genie is the biggest character in the structure.
• 10 characters make up the piece.
• The fish, which supports the structure, will be made of 40 to 50 scales, created by the Amis de la Falla. .

The art of setting fire
After much hard work, the structure will be set on fire during a pyrotechnic show, a gesture that evokes rebirth and renewal, such as the phoenix rising from the ashes. A living symbol of the integration, cultural sharing and artistic expression project that is FALLA.

To watch the pictures of FALLA 2016, click HERE.