Le Bibliothécaire

Le Bibliothécaire

Le Gros Orteil



At first glance, Paul-Émile Dumoulin appears to be a run-ofthe- mill librarian. Serious, dignified and well organized, he keeps his shelves in perfect order and every book in its place. The only difference is that, the minute he puts his nose in a book, reality gets eclipsed by wild and wonderful fictional worlds. As he brings these adventures to life, the wise librarian transforms himself, embodying various characters and performing all kinds of acrobatics, balancing acts, juggling routines, breakdance moves and beatbox patterns. How far will his reading take him—and all of us?

The show—which will delight children and parents alike—mixes clowning with physical theatre and the circus arts. It celebrates the passion for reading and the power of the imagination. All these words on the printed page, just waiting to be read so they can come alive and carry the reader off to a faraway country or into the heart of an adventure, a love story or a thriller…

Multidisciplinary artist Hippolyte plays the role of this lively and comical librarian with brio, inspiring both the desire to laugh and the desire to read.