Le Songe d'une nuit d'été

Le Songe d'une nuit d'été

by Théâtre du Trident and FLIP Fabrique


This theatrical production with strong circus elements made a name for itself with its daring originality, garnering all kinds of accolades in the process. A jealous king, a flighty queen of the fairies, two pairs of lovers on the run and a mediocre theatre group all cross paths in an enchanted forest on a midsummer night. When the mischievous Puck mistakenly distributes a love potion, passions run high.

A spirited ode to desire, Shakespeare’s most celebrated comedy gets a shot of adrenaline thanks to the pacing and energy of the FLIP Fabrique acrobats, who set the tone for a very physical acting style overall. A fresh and irresistible interpretation that defies convention and brings a new level of exuberance to the theatre.

(in French)

The Company

FLIP Fabrique and Le Trident, two companies based in Quebec City, are launching their pan-Canadian tour with this performance at TOHU.