Following Contes pour enfants pas sages, Pierre-Paul Savoie finds himself in the strange and enchanting world of poet Jacques Prévert in his latest show, L’École buissonnière. Dancing, music and poetry from Prévert celebrate what sparks children’s imagination through play and learning. On stage, a quartet of dancers delivers fits of laughter and fun moments—and also the isolation of childhood and the beauty of imagination. The classroom and school yard become places of great invention and unbridled emotion.

Once again, Pierre-Paul Savoie has paired with Benoît Côté, who did the music for Contes pour enfants pas sages and Les chaises. The composer breathes new life into classic lullabies and jingles, infusing them with a dose of modernism and originality and adding the voices of Alexandre Désilets and Amylie.

A celebration made from dances, songs, childhood music and poetry, creativity, tenacity, and friendship.