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Maïs et culture

4 sundays during summer from 10 am

Meeting point: Boisé-Est

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NEW THIS SUMMER ! Friendly gatherings coming up at la TOHU. For four sundays only, come enjoy free corn on the cob (from 11h) while listening to musics, watching artisitics performances or even participating to creatives workshop ! Save the dates !

21 JUILLET - Postcard workshop for parents and kids by Les Bons Mots

No need to go to the other side of the world to write a postcard to his relatives! Inspired by the unique landscape of Frédéric Back Park, create colorful postcards with the technique of collage including images and words to assemble.

Then find the pleasure of taking the time to write by hand or typewriter. Your works can then be sent by post.

Activity continuously, between 10h and 11h30. All material is provided (stamps and envelopes to Canada only)

28 JUILLET - Circus workshop in collaboration with Clowns sans Frontières

From 10 to 11:30

Participants are invited to discover and develop several techniques that belong to the large family of circus arts. They will navigate between the worlds of acrobatics, pyramids and juggling (scarves, balls, bowling pins, flower sticks, Chinese plates and diabolos). During these workshops, participants are challenged to challenge the laws of gravity, balance and eventually surpass them! With Junior Prophète.

4 AOÛT - Tamtam making workshop in collaboration with Clowns sans Frontières

This workshop is a cultural bridge of dialogue between two continents North America and Central Africa, two countries Canada and the Democratic Republic of Congo and especially between two inventive and creative cities, Montreal and Kinshasa. Research on the themes and materials of creation (materials of recovery) and manufacture of tamtam. With Patience Bonheur.

18 AOÛT - Henri Barbeau show by Tortue Berlue

Born at the time of steam engines and horse carriages, Henri is a little boy passionate about drawing but very demanding towards himself. As soon as one of his drawings displeases him, he turns him into a "barbeau" and makes him disappear in a special bin. But one day, one of them is ejected and begins to follow Henri! What to do with a barbeau that annoys us and refuses to disappear? What if we tried to tame her and leave her a place in our heart?

Henri Barbeau: a story about the anxiety of performance, which plunges the public into a world where drawings come to life!

**Canceled in case of rain.

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