Commemoration activities - 10 years after Haiti earthquake

La Maison d'Haïti and la TOHU

Ten years after the Haiti earthquake, while the country is still healing, the people of Haiti are looking forward, with a willpower that inspires and moves people all around the globe. To remember and never forget, Maison d’Haïti and TOHU invite you to take part in two days of commemorative activities, developed by more than forty groups, organizations and artists.


In the Hall: continuous screening of the MWEM Foundation

11AM - 8PM; Haitian artisans and organizations market

11AM Conference: Grahn Route, Issues and Challenges
With Samuel Pierre, Professor in the Department of Computer and Software Engineering at Polytechnique Montréal and President of Grahn

11:30AM Concertation for Haiti (CPH) on major issues of solidarity: cooperation, migration, mines.
By Marlène Rateau and Elisabeth Garant

11:30AM Conference: when Haiti rines with cooperation
With Genevieve Laurence Gauthier Pierre and Miguel Dumay

12:15PM Projection : Haïti Betrayed
Documentary directed by Elaine Brière

12:15PM The cooperation network and the principles of cooperation
By Amélie Nguyen, membre du conseil d’administration de l’Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale (AQOCI)

12:45PM 2010 -2020 : Haiti ten years after the earthquake - Exchange with Haiti live from Montreal
Hosted by Alain Saint-Victor, teacher and historian Panelists : Pierre Beaudet, sociologist and professor at the University of Ottawa, James Darbouze, sociologist, philosopher, teacher-researcher, Sabine Lamour, director of the Solidarite fanm Ayisyèn (SOFA), feminist activist and sociologist, and Marc-Édouard Joubert, President of the Conseil régional FTQ Montréal métropolitain.

1PM Conference : The Right to Quality Education and Access to Equality: A Cross-Cutting Dimension
By the Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ) and the Association québécoise pour l'avancement des Nations Unies (AQANU) Speakers: Marie Marsolais and Luc Allaire

1:45PM Discussion : Situation of children and activities carried out
By Camila Grossi of Aide internationale pour l’enfance (AIPE)

2:30PM Opening panel: Haiti, self-determination and solidarity
Block 1: Self-determination
Panelists : Jean Marie Bourjolly, professor at UQAM, Clause Moïse, historian, Jean Bonald Golinsky (Fatal), President CTSP and Nikolas Barry-Shaw, historian. Hosted by Frantz Voltaire Block 2: Self-determination
Panelists : Denise Côté, (to be confirmed), Jean Bonald Golinsky (Fatal), President CTSP and Hugo Beauregard, Director of Business Development at UPA Hosted by Michèle Asselin

3:30PM Work and fundamental rights in Haiti - At the heart of the reconstruction perspective - Trade Union and Citizen Struggles By Amélie Nguyen and Denise Gagnon

3:45PM Reconstruction of the orphanage, an example of ongoing solidarity by The Father Lionel Dehoux Foundation
By Maxime Dehoux, member of the board of directors of the Père Lionel Dehoux foundation

4:30 PM For an engaged citizenship by Equitas and Friendship International
Speakers: Gérard Ducos and Pascale Leblanc

4:45PM My little Haiti Documentary directed by Danielot Pierre

5PM Financing small and medium enterprises for development in Haiti
By Daniel Godefroy, computer management consultant

5:45PM Environmental Workshop : natural park
By Gérard Tassy, founder of the Society for the reforestation of Haiti

6PM Beginning of the show :
- Traditional dance with the Sole troupe
- Reading of a text by Sabrina Rony
- Musical performance by Laurie-Rose Dauphin and David Bontemps, Mélissa Gressea and Jjanice +

9PM End of the day


In the Hall: continuous screening of the MWEM Foundation

10AM to 12PM Recording of the radio show "Désautels" live from TOHU and broadcast on ICI Radio-Canada Première

11AM to 6PM Haitian artisans and organizations market

11AM Projection : Kiskeya à Haïti
directed by Laurence Magloire

11:30AM Earth Center - Knowledge of ancestral traditions in the face of life and death

12:15 PM Conference : Haiti is not an island - Rethinking Haiti in the context of globalization
With Frantz Voltaire and Claude Moïse

12:15PM Lèt Agogo (veterimed) : Products launch and tasting

12:15PM Conférence : Haiti is not an Island - Rethinking Haiti in the Context of Globalization
With Frantz Voltaire et Claude Moïse

12:30PM Workshop on agroecology and coffee growing in Haiti by Production Bonsai and nOula

1PM Conference :Analysis of the current crisis and links with the 2010 earthquake by Solidarity
Speakers: Jennie-Laure Sully, Member of SQH Jean Saint-Vil, Member of SQH Live chat via Skype with activists in Haiti

1:15PM The future of young Haitian refugees "Pitit Dessaline yo"
Speaker Jean Gardy

1:30PM 6 exceptional women
Documentary directed by Arnold Antonin Followed by a discussion Panelists : Denise Gagnon and Guerda Amazan

2:30PM Presentation : AQANU : Les projets d’AQANUEN Haïti, École professionnelle

2:45PM Cultural Property in Haiti, Post-Earthquake, Issues and Challenges
Speaker Fritz-Gérald Louis, Dissertation in Museology at UQAM

4PM Start of the Commemoration ceremony
Speeches by Viviane Michel for the Aboriginal ceremony, by the Director General of the Maison d'Haïti, Marjorie Villefranche, and by the Director General and Programming of TOHU, Stéphane Lavoie. Survivors and officials are invited to take the stage and a video testimony from the MWÈM Foundation will follow.

4:53PM Minute of noise
A minute's silence to the sound of the drums to echo the moment when everything was turned upside down.

5PM Interpretation of the Haitian and Canadian national anthems by a children's choir from Maison d'Haïti

5:35PM Song and performance by Sara Rénélik

6PM End of the day