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CANCELLED | A danse at TOHU — with Le Devoir


A dance at TOHU invites amateur dancers from the age of 15 for a festive event led by choreographers José Montalvo and Chantal Loïal. Between show and performance, in the room and on the stage, the two choreographers invite the participants to an unpublished workshop composed of simple movements and clear rhythms specially designed for them. In music, in a good mood and quietly, supported by the words of José Montalvo, then the percussionist live of Chantal Loïal, the «training» smoothly will continue on stage, for those who want it, then will conclude with a warm little ball. From one step to the next, all together, dance is a party and it’s easy as pie!

Chantal Loïal

Renowned performer of the Montalvo-Hervieu company, at the head of the Difé Kako company since 1995, Chantal Loïal, born in Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe) defends the colors of an Afro-contemporary dance nourished by traditional cultures, choreography and music from the West Indies. In addition to the creation of some 15 shows, she also leads various educational projects – balls, workshops… -intended for the general public.

José Montalvo

As a figure of the choreographic scene since the 1980s, José Montalvo has developed a diverse work, mixing the living with the virtual, the reality with the imaginary, the scene with the video innovation. Appointed as director of dance at the Théâtre de Chaillot in 2000, he took over the management of the Maison des Arts et de la Culture (the House of Arts and cultue) of Créteil in 2016. In addition to his creative work, he has been developing for more than thirty years a wide range of participatory collaborations with amateurs of all ages.