Rupture de communication


Three years after exhibiting Le plein dit le pauvre at TOHU, YUGZ, Outaouais native painter, both committed and prolific, is back with new questioning. This time, the general public can discover some twenty creations which echo the impact of being overexposed to media. Away from them, gadgets and any kind of interference with reality, he searched for raw materials, such as rocks and palm branches, as well as recycled objects.

His objectives: going back to basics, putting an end to the vicious circle of the moment, opting out of the perpetual renewal cycle, and pulling away from any imagined material, all to control his actions and thoughts. Aiming for consistency, the artist, right-handed since childhood, started drawing and painting using his left hand. A way for him to push beyond his comfort zone and get out of his usual ways.

Anyone who has seen his work will recognize his signature, a mixture of children’s drawings, street art, impastos, gumming, drippings, and even the breathless pace associated to some jazz compositions. His movements are strong. His art is spontaneous. His subjects are grave. But his creations often suggest surprising ingenuousness.

August 26: Landart's activity with the artist during the inauguration of the Frédéric-Back park September 30: During the Culture Days, D-Vernissage with a live creation.