Vidéo SAT Réalité augmentée


Come and discover the augmented reality course created by students from primary schools in Montreal thanks to a collaboration by Une école montréalaise pour tous, SAT and TOHU.

As well as being the name of TOHU’s adjacent park, Frédéric Back is a renowned artist and a director that dedicated his career to environmental issues. His legacy will live on in such films as Crac!, All Nothing, The man who planted trees and Mighty river .

Most of his work contains a strong contemplative message about the preservation of nature. Through his films Frederick Back calls for mankind to respect and positively influence their environment. A tree planter himself as well as a passionate militant, his name is now forever associated with the revitilisation of the Miron quarry landfill into a flourishing green space : The parc Frédéric-Back.

5th and 6th grade students from the Saint-Jean-de-Martha and Saint-Albert-le-Grand schools were inspired by themes and the paper cut out animation techniques that Frédéric Back used in his work The creation of birds to give us their vision of the park.

With your phones and tablets in hand, explore this interactive exhibition by framing these images spread across the park and bringing them to life.

Download the plan of the visit and the image of test to practise you before arriving on the spot HERE