COUPS DE COEUR 2016-2017


After the tremendous success of the 2016 edition, the Coups de coeur series is back at it in the circular hall. The show, inspired by the mechanics behind a gala, cabaret and variety show, celebrates and showcases the artists doing the performances. The night, hosted by a talented master of ceremony, is a moment for gathering: it reunites on the same stage, for a moment of pure joy, artists from local and international companies.

A unique opportunity to experience high level contemporary circus disciplines! The night promises incomparable moments with a selection of exceptional performances highlighting thoughtfully chosen pieces: most popular companies, most outstanding performances, surprises, pieces of anthology and season’s finest. One thing is for sure, innovation and inspiration await you!

A stunning portrait of today’s contemporary circus.

Here are our "Coups de cœur" 2017:

The Silver Stone Duo with an aerial straps number for Cirque du Soleil (Quebec)
Cirque Éloize (Quebec)
Sébastien Soldevilla as the "Maître loyal" of the show for Les 7 Doigts (Quebec)
Maxime Blanckaert and Nathan Briscoe with Russian cradle for the National Circus School (Quebec)
Charlie Wheeler with a Cyr Wheel number for Barely Methodical Troupe (England)
Anatoliy Zalievsky - "The Legend" of hand balance (Ukraine)
Eric Bates, Alexandra Royer and Tristan Nielsen from Barcode Russian Bar (France - Canada - USA)
Laurence Racine and her bungee loop (Quebec)
Éric Bates with cigar boxes juggling (USA)
Alexis Vigneault with his acrobatic light (Quebec)

They were part as Coups de Cœur de 2016!

École nationale de cirque – Jérémi Lévesque et Vincent Jutras (Quebec)
Cirque Éloize – Emi Vauthey (Switzerland)
Jimmy Gonzalez (France)
LES OISEAUX DU PARADIS – Elsie Morin et Mathieu Roy (Quebec)
Recirquel – Àron Pintér et Leonetta Lakatos (Hungary)
Cirque du Soleil – Ugo Laffolay (France)
Flip FabriQue – Jade Dussault (Quebec)
Duo Kiebre – Oskar Rojas (Colombie) et Soledad Gomez (Uruguay)
Productions Kalabante - Yamoussa Bangoura, Mohamed Mega Koundouno, Saa Foumba Koundouno, Mama Adama Soumah, Aly Keita (Guinea)