Gala de feu
				Gala de feu

Gala de feu

Les Maîtres du Feu

Don't miss the most important contest of fire performers in North America!

The Gala is presented in friendly format and allows artists to fraternize among themselves. A platform providing everyone the chance to show the fruit of his passion as well as hard work and creativity. It’s not about victory, as victory becomes accessory while smiles and laugh are the true reward; everyone will have his own.
Over the years, the event has shaped. Circassian numbers keep on drawing on the flame of innovation; the staging buds along the representations; picturesque video projections awaken the dark depths of the heart; a photographic exhibition transports the mind through the inertia of its scenes. And what about the opening musical show, that of closing, except that we must be there to savor its intoxicating melodies.
Since the previous events were at Bain Mathieu, for the very first year we will be at the prestigious TOHU. The location offers conditions above our expectations: a higher ceiling and a bigger stage. So little and so much at the same time, our spirits ignite. For this 8th year, we will be able to provide you with more seats and more comfort.

The VIP tickets include :
- One drink
- A 3-courses « Vegan » Service (Sushi, Cheese, Chocolate Truffles)