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Hangar des possibles

National Circus School

The best of the young circus artists about to take over the stage invite you for their training outcome. High wire act! Brilliant, restless and enthusiastic, the circus artists from the 2017 promotion are inviting you to experience their final training turning point. Before they join the most prestigious circus companies in the world, they are about to take over TOHU’s stage with their remarkable talent.

They are inviting you to discover two performances where they harmonize an array of disciplines: hand to hand, aerial rope, Russian cradle, swinging trapeze, Chinese hoops, balancing and aerial hoop! You will be fascinated by their skills, and charmed by their spirit and talent. Their ambitions and dreams will leave a mark on you forever.

« Breathtaking» - La Presse

« How do they manage to get better and better every year?» - 98,5FM

« Totally brilliant, very well directed and choreographed! The students’ numbers were perfectly mastered. Outstanding numbers»
- Radio-Canada

A merry band of artists discovers an abandoned shed, empty and lifeless, on a Montreal street ... a street where day-to-day reality meets the worlds of imagination and fantasy. With dreams of breathing new life into the place, they embark on the project together, step by step, colluding and combining their efforts, laughter and conflicts.


For now more than 35 years The École nationale de cirque (National Circus School) has offered students an education at the high school and college levels, and prepared them for professional careers as circus artists. It has trained more than 500 artists, many of whom have won top prizes at prestigious world festivals, making the institution an international reference in the field. A pioneer of the new circus movement in Canada and North America, The École nationale de cirque (National Circus School) has contributed to the emergence of many renowned circus companies, including Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Éloize and The 7 Fingers.

Starring the 2017 graduating talented artists, the École nationale de cirque presents two new shows performed alternately at TOHU. Two-show packages are also available in combination with L’amour et les extraterrestres.