It's not yet midnight

Compagnie XY

“Thrilling stunts, breathtaking acrobatics!”
- Le Progrès

It’s not yet midnight: may the bodies rejoice! Keep the party going!

A stunning twenty-two artist collective celebrates the simple desire to jump into each other’s arms and share the pleasure of being together. Joy!

With their never before seen acrobatic stunts, the artists create unlikely pictures, strong and unexpected images. The XY acrobats give their natural selves to the public, truthfully unveiling their intertwined, stacked bodies, raising 2, 3, 4 artist-high towers… flying away and catching each other. Profoundly human, this ode to loyalty humbly underlines the virtuosity of moving bodies.

An impressive show in a magnificent TOHU!


Originating from France, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands, the XY artists have been trained at the most prestigious circus schools: the National Centre of Circus Arts, Brussels’ Superior School of Circus Arts, the Centre régional des arts du cirque de Lomme and the École Nationale de Cirque de Châtellerault, to only name a few, which explains their flawless techniques and ability to push back the limits.

XY knows what a circus collective truly is all about. Everybody in the company has a say, making this 3rd show a twenty-two people creative process.

Learn more about the company, click HERE (French only)

“The XY tribe masters the art of flying away in twosomes, foursomes, even more. Twenty-two are sitting at the table and it’s wonderful!”
- Le Monde