Le Vide

Essai de cirque


For reasons beyond our control, we regret to postpone to an indeterminate date the show Le Vide initially scheduled from 9 to 13 February 2017. Your tickets are exchangeable for another show of the TOHU or refundable via our ticket office.

Le Vide features rope virtuoso Fragan Gehlker performing stunning acrobatics more than 19 metres above the ground. A must-see ! Teaming up with his sound engineer, stagehand, violinist partner Alexis Auffray, the aerial acrobat offers an extremely physical performance of the legend of Sisyphus, a tale depicting the absurdity of the perpetual cycle that is life. Once at the top, the performer slides back down in acrobatic feats, each more gracious, unusual and impressive than the other. He then wraps himself up once again…

This extreme metaphor for physical effort will captivate you until the end. Spectacular and touching, this crazy original performance explores with comedic and poetic inspiration the absolutes and their paradoxes: slow and fast, continuity and intermission, control and freedom.

Specially adapted and modified depending on the settings and its architecture, the show should be experienced as a powerful upswing towards the delightful and dizzying sensation of being alive!