The unforgettable experience is guaranteed, mystical and modern costumes in spectacular lights, with a musical world influenced by various styles. — ELLE

TOHU welcomes the North American premiere of this largescale production by Recirquel, the very first Hungary-based contemporary circus company. In a beautiful theatrical form, with fascinating out of the ordinary characters in search of an ideal, always higher, further in the sky… Night Circus reinvents the Icarus myth, the man’s timeless desire to fly, in a frame that overcomes conventions. Thus arise eternal symbols inherited from prehistoric times, mystical pages from the history of mankind.

Talented director Bence Vági shares his exceptional gift for uniting disciplines, such as dancing and singing, around a pure creation of today’s circus, driven by melodies and piano notes by jazz musician and composer Sárik Péter.

Fascinating and enchanting, Recirquel will send you to a universe where strong emotions prevail over reason, for an unforgettable moment…

RECIRQUEL renouvelle le genre avec ce Night Circus... Neuf jeunes acrobates conjuguent prouesses, beauté et élégance… — Le Parisien (France)

The fun we had as adults watching Recirquel exceeds the joy of being in the circus as kids. *****
— VS. (Hungary)

Recirquel fascinates the audience undoubtedly with its innovative originality.
— Var matin (France)


Recirquel Company Budapest led by Artistic director Bence Vági, represents a unique style of circus combined with dance and theatre bringing the flair of mid-eastern European – Hungarian classical theatre culture. The productions of this young company bewitch audiences worldwide, with the ambitious vision to bring their unique artistic messages throughout the whole world. Recirquel Company opened the gate for Contemporary Circus in Hungary and carries a strong mission to get people acquainted with this new form of circus. The company is resident at the Palace of Arts – Müpa in Budapest, Hungary’s leading cultural institute, thus guaranteeing the highest quality.