Vice & Vertu

Les 7 Doigts

The show takes place at the Société des Arts Technologiques

What would Montreal be without its notorious main street?

Les 7 Doigts go back in time and reignite the golden years of Montreal’s art scene with an experiential creation at the heart of the St. Laurent boulevard. Thirty artists, circus, theatre, comedy, video screening, music-hall: an unprecedented way of celebrating Montreal!

From striptease to demonstrations, either outside or immersed under the digital vault of the SAT, the emergence of Montreal’s cultural identity is told through cabaret, sexy, mafia and prohibitive stories.

Passing through various scenes, you will visit brothels, run away from the vice squad, emburlesquate yourself … and party!

Put on your 1940s attire! Proper shoes are recommended to enjoy the several indoor and outdoor stopovers. Late-comers will not be admitted!

About les 7 Doigts

Named after a play on word reflecting the unity of its members, Les 7 doigts de la main (7 fingers of the hand) can count on seven artistic co-directors with the artistic focus found in auteur circus.

For 14 years, and as many creations, the ever-expanding collective has been travelling the world. After more than 8,000 performances in 40 countries, the troupe’s DNA is recognized by all. Its circus, which reveals the extraordinary hidden within the ordinary, is a cross between modern dance, physical theatre and breathtaking acrobatics.

This year, the new creation of Les 7 Doigts puts the emphasis on Montréal, where they were born.

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