A fool’s errand

Jamie Adkins


Antidote against melancholy, A fool’s errand features a virtuoso jester determined to give it his all, against all odds. With skillfully awkward juggling performances or falsely flimsy balancing acts on a slack wire, Jamie Adkins skillfully masters the art of tricks and comedy, and strikes the heart of young and old alike.
With a charismatic tuba player as his accomplice, the sweet and clumsy character describes the delicate balance between chaos and control, solitude and friendship. A fool’s errand reveals that the art of persistence has as much value as success itself…

A clownish and poetic moment!


Jamie Adkins begins his career at 13 years old in his San Diego neighbourhood, and later pursues it in San Francisco where he joins the Picke Family Circus. Then, thanks to his numerous talents and years of experience as an acrobat, juggler and equilibrist, Jamie becomes a member of Cirque Éloïze.
In 2008, the Canadian by adoption creates Circus Incognitus–presented at TOHU in 2016–which he goes on to perform around the world, setting himself apart with his unique style, his touching humbleness and his accurate way of conveying, always with humour, the very core of the ordinary man.
Tuba player Julie Houle accompanies him on stage for this new creation. This performer-composer-arranger has more than 20 years of experience behind her instrument.