La Grenouille avait raison

Compagnie du Hanneton


"It’s not really circus, nor dance. It’s not exactly theatre either, but mostly a heartwarming magical moment." — Le Journal de Montréal

The much-awaited return of James Thierrée and Compagnie du Hanneton after the spectacular Raoul _(2010 and 2012)! This time, the audience is taken to the land of dreams and mystery with _La grenouille avait raison. James Thierrée recreates the fantastic atmosphere of tales, between dream and nightmare, to explore blood ties and the brutality of childhood.

Dancer, acrobat, mime, clown, actor and director, James Thierrée further improves every detail of his work in a quest for excellence. This need for perfection is echoed in all aspects of the show, in the performers’ moves to the sound and visual environment.

Innovative staging, poetry, cleverness and sensibility are the hallmarks of James Thierrée and the company, whose work is internationally acclaimed. Winner of a César award for best actor in a supporting role for Chocolat, and the Molière 2017 for best director in a public theatre, this extraordinary creator invites us to a show where, once again, dance, theatre and music intertwine. A dreamlike world which awakens something in each of us, our childhood.

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La compagnie du Hanneton

James Thiérrée founded in 1998 the Compagnie du Hanneton whose first show, The Symphony of the Hanneton will travel the world between 1998 and 2005. Next show is the Veillée des Abysses between 2003 and 2010, then Au Revoir parapluie from 2007 to 2011, his solo Raoul since 2009 , and also Tabac Rouge between 2013 and 2015 and finally the Toad who knew since April 2016.

James Thiérrée

Born in Switzerland in 1974, James Thiérrée is the son of the famous Jean-Baptiste Thiérrée and Victoria Chaplin. Real child of the ball, he trod the circus ring from the age of 4 years. Versatile artist and trapeze artist at heart, he founded his company in 1998 and conceives La Symphonie du Hanneton, La Veillée des Abysses and Au revoir parapluie, 3 shows that have enchanted the public of prestigious theatres on the international circuit. In 2006, he won four Molières whose one of the best Director for his first show, La Symphonie du Hanneton. He won this year, Molière of best Director for the Toad who knew

We've seen Thiérrée on movies; he has worked with directors like Tony Gatlif, Coline Serreau, Aniezka Holland, Raoul Ruiz, Philippe de Broca, Roland Joffe, Antoine De Caunes. In 2016, he won the Cesar for best actor in a supporting role for the movie Chocolat with Omar Sy.

— The Guardian

"that first impulse and raw experience of just playing around with fellow performers on stage. It’s a way of living intensely.”
- The Gazette

"Thierrée is a great physical artist, his comic style landing somewhere between the impish subversions of his granddad, Charlie Chaplin, and the dancerly ease of Merce Cunningham."
- Chicago Reader

"Thierrée is a genius at twisting audiences’ imaginations with his astonishing, theatrical creations that have been said to be evocative of those of Salvador Dalí and Tim Burton."
- Chicago Now