Le Mobile
				Le Mobile

Le Mobile

La Marche du Crabe

It’s baby circus time!

This cuddly show gets babies curled up against their parents and immersed into a well-known universe: the mobile, the enormous kind!
In a light-hearted, soft and humorous atmosphere, the tiny spectators and their parents are cradled by ballads and lullabies, surrounded by music, in an embracing aerial ballet performed right above their heads! Through sounds, colours and shapes, the creators of this adorable play capture the attention of babies with laughter, silence and enchantment.

That is what we call pampering your senses!


La marche du crabe is the union of Sandy Bessette and Simon Fournier, artists creators of live shows of all types. Their work blends the vocabulary of their various fields: dance, improv and theatre. Whether it be through improv, a chorus, a stage or street performance, the relationship between art and the public is a main focus for this troupe created in 2012. Toddlers and young audiences, present and future enthusiasts, gallery goers, bystanders and next-door neighbours have the opportunity to be in contact with their artistic proposals. For Le Mobile, designer and performer Sandy Bessette was inspired by her experience as a new parent.