Le Québec chante!

Alliance Chorale du Québec

August 16 to 19

Location: TOHU

Paid activity

Join several hundred choir members and take part in the largest choir gathering in the province!

Le Québec chante! 2018 is 4 days of workshops with professionals, including Ingrid St-Pierre, concerts by Qw4rtz and Quartom, among others, and it’s also an opportunity to perform on stage with hundreds of other choristers to sing “Happy birthday, Mister Vigneault!”, in celebration of the famous poet’s 90th anniversary.

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For its first year, Le Québec chante! 2018 presents three exceptional choral concerts at very reasonable rates.

On Thursday, August 16, enjoy the first performance in Montréal of the new Qw4artz show, Le meilleur des quatre.

On Friday, August 17, attend a show especially prepared for the festival by famed vocal quartet Quartom.

Finally, on Sunday, August 19, take part in a grand choral concert bringing together on stage several hundred chorists, who will sing with Ingrid St-Pierre, choir Afrika Intshiyetu and quartet Quartom, in addition to paying special singing tribute to Gilles Vigneault for the 90th anniversary of the poet.