Sans Filet
				Sans Filet

Sans Filet

Do you know Sans Filet? It is a welcomed TOHU initiative that showcases the talent of artists in an icebreaker setting. An ideal opportunity to admire them at a crucial phase, as they test out their act before an audience.

A rare moment prior to the blooming of a new act, facilitated by an art mediator, who channels messages between the artist and the audience. Take a front-row seat to discover today’s circus… or rather tomorrow’s as a VIP!


Hugo Duquette - RUNAWAY
Real specialist in trapeze dance and trapeze duo, he offers us here the number of RUNAWAY or run, DeCamp, scram, beat retreat, desert, disappear, get the hell out, Pack, go, leave, escape, escape, steer, wriggling to save, abandon...

Charles-Éric Bouchard – Rope number "I had a recurrent dream about"
It started with an image. The child is sitting alone on a bench in the Park while others have fun together. This child is not sad. It is good. It is discreet, but present. He hears and listens to everything.

Rachel Karabenick - Consequences
Rachel Karabenick is a Chicago-based aerial performer. This dance trapeze act is the culmination of over 7 years of creative work and research with the help of numerous coaches. It is a piece that has continued to develop and change as I have developed and changed as an artist. It is called “Consequences” because it deals with making choices, and learning to live with the results of those choices - good or bad. It is about self-reflection and self acceptance, and at the end - about letting go.

Zoe Zou Stasko – New number
I spent a good part of my early life running away from my fears. The more I ran, the more it seemed they had become a noose trying to strangle me. When I took the leap to stop running and face them, I came to realize that fear is not unconquerable. It was by accepting my fears that I overcame them. My act grew from my reflection on this process of self-growth, and the power I found within myself.

Samantha Pitard – Hairceau
Samantha Pitard is an American aerialist specializing in unique ways of doing hairhang. This act,combining hairhang and hoop is completely unique and has never been done before.