Triptyque at the Place des Arts

Back from a succesful world tour. Set on the vision of three choreographers, the artists explore gravity, mobility and immobility, liberating or controlling their bodies, between pas de deux and acrobatic virtuosity.

A TRIPLE CREATION Anne et Samuel — From the universe of Marie Chouinard, a fine unhinged ballet, made of sensuality and gestural poetry, where dance and circus get shuffled, and unite.
Variations 9.81 — A show created by the RUBBERBANDance group's Victor Quijada. Hand balancing at a high level of difficulty. The versatility, great athletic strength and incredible flexibility of the five artists will fascinate you.
Nocturnes — Under Marcos Morau, eight circus artists move with boldness and control in a surreal dream, where comedy and theatre are perfected by the performance.

An original creation which revisits the codes shared by dance and circus to better appeal to performance art aficionados.