Une chambre de verre

Nord Nord Est


On stage, a mysterious structure is suspended, like an island floating between Heaven and Earth. Performer Valérie Doucet, both immense and fragile, challenges it in a series of fascinating scenic landscapes in which is released the raw energy of a body pushed to its physical limits. How can we capture those precious moments of freedom and deprivation, where the defenseless body is pushed to the very edge? An ode to the power of life, its precariousness and outrageousness, performed by an exceptional circus artist.

Created during TOHU and Cirque Éloize residencies, notably, Une chambre de verre is in line with multidisciplinary creative company Nord Nord Est’s approach. Stage director Benoit Landry puts forward a climate drama, boldly combining the work of the body and the stage image. Surrounded by outstanding designers, including Alexis Bowles on lighting (Compagnia Finzi Pasca, Cirque Éloize), he wrote the music in collaboration with Colin Gagné (Réversible by Les 7 Doigts). Valérie Doucet, charismatic equilibrist, contortionist and acrobat, has worked with renowned companies (Circa, James Thierrée, Cirque Éloize). With the complicity of acrobat Julius Bitterling, she delivers a stunning performance, at the limits of circus, dance and physical theatre.

Nord Nord Est

Nord Nord Est is a company devoted to the creation of multidisciplinary works, founded in 2013 under the direction of Benoit Landry. The origin of each of the company’s projects brings together select practitioners from different artistic fields to develop a variety of scenic entities in various forms, stemming from these encounters unique ecosystems at the cusp of their respective genres.

The company draws on a dramaturgy of multiple voices; bodies, words, images and sound, each medium proposing a pathway with it’s own sensory persuasion in which to connect with the public. We believe that the senses hold a privileged access to the intimacy and emotional landscape of an individual, that it is through the sensory that a work can transcend understanding, leaving a haunting imprint on the beholder on an unconscious level. In a world obsessed with control, this is a statement in itself.

Le Voyage d’hiver is the first production of Nord Nord Est. From it’s beginnings, the work receives widespread enthusiasm from both critics and public, notably for it’s originality and meticulous creative research. The company pursues it’s previous work combining theatre, circus arts, visual arts and sound installations, now turning towards other mediums such as opera, video and dance in their projects to come. These explorations of hybrid forms are as much means of expression for live stage performance as in situ and roving performance. Each project imposes it’s particular format moulded by the questions that motivate the creation of piece as well as the specific artistic languages the piece calls for.