Croque-spectacle : Through my eyes
				Croque-spectacle : À travers mes yeux

Through my eyes

Bouge de là

Back for the enjoyment of young and old: the series croque-spectacle has returned with lots of madness and emotions. On Saturdays and Sundays, have breakfast ($) before attending the performance!

A dancer goes on stage and discovers a balloon. Intrigued, she slowly approaches. As soon as she touches it, the magic of the stage operates: the light appears, the decor sets in, the shadows play tricks on it ... and multiply it! She is no longer alone, and now it's up to four to have fun and discover this constantly changing environment: a graphic world, populated with shapes, colors, textures, sounds and illusions. A crazy playground where dance is subject to context, this box of surprises invites the spectator to see through the eyes of a child in exploration.

Ode to the imagination, Through my eyes enchants children and reminds us of what is unique to them : their tireless ability to marvel at the world that surrounds us.