Le Songe d'une nuit d'été

by Théâtre du Trident and FLIP Fabrique


This theatrical production with strong circus elements made a name for itself with its daring originality, garnering all kinds of accolades in the process. A jealous king, a flighty queen of the fairies, two pairs of lovers on the run and a mediocre theatre group all cross paths in an enchanted forest on a midsummer night. When the mischievous Puck mistakenly distributes a love potion, passions run high.

A spirited ode to desire, Shakespeare’s most celebrated comedy gets a shot of adrenaline thanks to the pacing and energy of the FLIP Fabrique acrobats, who set the tone for a very physical acting style overall. A fresh and irresistible interpretation that defies convention and brings a new level of exuberance to the theatre.

(in French)

The forest of desire

Dear spectators,

With butterflies in the stomach, we give you Songe d’une nuit d’été (in French), reinterpreted by Olivier Normand and his fabulous team. We are pleased to shine light on this coproduction with FLIP Fabrique, a beautiful mix of circus arts and theatre that works well with such a fantastic story.

A story that will draw on our subconscious, a forest where desires intertwine, a Shakespearian fantasy originally created as a gift. So, a comedy about love: love in all its forms, crazy love, love we want to find, violent desire, blind love.

I hope this show will warm you up inside, whisper sweet nothings in your ears, and speak with the creatures that inhabit your dreams.

Anne-Marie Olivier
Artistic Director and Co-Director
Théâtre du Trident

Word of the Director

Anything that has to do with love is complex and mysterious. Its complexity, multiple reflective facets, extravagance and nuances must be told. Distorting mirrors of our own perceptions. We must listen to Shakespeare explain intimacy issues of his era which are also ours.

Desire. The night’s mazes, the desire to get lost in it, and stay. The necessity of dreams and fiction in making life more bearable. Suspended moments of rest to escape from the time trap. Magical forces within us. The convoluted nature of the mind. The complexity of all things. Crazy love. Love that brings out beauty. Love that blows down forests.

We must enter the secret retreat of the kiss and lose ourselves for a moment in the disorderly place of desire. A big, big thanks to this crew of incredibly talented, funny and brilliant creators and actors. Thanks to Trident for the invitation.

Olivier Normand

Théâtre du Trident

Théâtre du Trident produces and disseminates, for the public of Québec city and its surrounding area, large-scale quality theatre focusing on classics, without overlooking creative theatre. It takes on a leading role in the collective cultural life through its action aimed at the audience, to whom access is given to great works of the global and national dramaturgic heritage, and on the other hand, the art community, to whom stimulating challenges are provided, as well as opportunities and means to tackle them.

FLIP Fabrique

FLIP Fabrique is the story of each and every one of us. One of old friends, who dreamed of a unifying common project; making circus that freezes time, stirs our imagination and moves by its beauty. A circus that bears the colours of its individuals imparted by those we hold dear, where we can be daring, express ourselves freely with amusement, passion, happiness, in true simplicity. Close-proximity circus where relationships that bind us to one another evolve with time through the ups and downs to help us grow, and always come together as one.