Machine de Cirque

by Machine de Cirque

15 years after the Apocalypse, five men still manage to survive. Their ultimate quest is to find other survivors. Their way to salvation is a most astounding machine.

In this spare-parts world, they creatively compete to retain a sliver of humanity.

Armed with their talent for acrobatics and ingenuity, you’ll see how they get around in this world.

Sometimes comical, sometimes nostalgic, these wacky characters masterfully manipulate various props such as a teeterboard, juggling clubs, a drum kit and even a bath towel!

They do not hesitate to bare themselves, ready to scour their souls as well as their bodies to make you laugh, to move you and especially to dazzle you.

Machine de Cirque, a Québec City Company, presents a general-audience show that is both poetic and humorous.

"[...]  a quartet of high-spirited circus artists and one energetic percussionist team up to deliver an inspired performance of acrobatics and broad comedy."

Boston Globe

"Rarely is there an ensemble that can so stunningly give a nod to tradition before blowing it off for something more inventive."

New Haven Independant (É-U)

The Company

Machine de Cirque was created in 2013 under the initiative of Company President and Chief Executive Officer Vincent Dubé, a circus performer for 22 years and holder of a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. Its beginnings are rooted in research and creation sessions conducted over the previous year. These sessions, which involved performers Raphaël Dubé, Yohann Trépanier and Frédéric Lebrasseur, were so productive that they provided the impetus to launch the organization. Acrobats Maxim Laurin and Ugo Dario subsequently joined the team in the summer of 2013. These additions rounded out the cast that would become Machine de Cirque, the organization's namesake show.

This initial production, which was finalized in May 2015 and featured the collaboration of several Québec City area designers, was an instant hit. Almost three years after its creation, the show has already been performed in some twenty municipalities across Canada and nearly 50 cities in France, Spain, Romania, Austria, Germany, Hungary, the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, and on it goes. The cabaret version of the show has also been performed over 300 times in Germany.

In 2018, the organizartion plans to diversify by presenting a large-scale outdoor show titled Truck Stop starting this summer. This mobile show will be performed across Canada from east to west.

New productions are also on the drawing table. They are based on the three pillars of the organization's artistic signature — ingenuity, live performative music and theatrics — and carried by the collaborative spirit that fuels Machine de Cirque. The original performers from the initial show are the motor: they are partners and therefore take an active part in all artistic decisions.