El Nucleo


On a bare stage, six men propel and intertwine their body, dance and twirl, pile up and fly away. Simply. Powerfully. Lifelong friends from the streets of Bogotá, of which we can feel the chaotic rumbling, the artists of SOMOS talk about their childhood and shared memories. They play, push and tease each other, with gentle humanity. This show, a celebration of the brotherhood, leaves the audience shaken and inspired. Only supported by impactful soundtrack and lighting, the six friends with a good sense of humour, communicate the power of their story and the beauty of togetherness, against all odds. Astonishing.

About the company

Acrobatic circus company El Nucleo, around since 2011, is led by two co-artistic directors, Wilmer Marquez and Edward Aleman, an acrobatic feat duo. Together, they develop artistic projects based on several of their own characteristics:

» The connection to Colombia, their homeland, which shows through their sources of inspiration as much as their desire in the coming years to create direct artistic partnerships with the country.

» Their self-taught multidisciplinary journey before joining the Centre national des arts du Cirque de Châlons in Champagne, a prestigious school in France.

» Their experience as Colombians living in Europe, which inspires themes such as encounters, loneliness, homelessness, the place of everyone in the world, which can be found in their various artistic projects.

» The search for a language and sensitive acrobatic composition.

“SOMOS simply brings joy. It leaves us with a light heart, happy.”