Vaivén Circo

Following the measures taken by the Government of Quebec prohibiting the holding of indoor events for more than 250 people, we have to cancel the show. The ticket office will contact ticket holders as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding, we share your sadness for this news and we hope to see you soon at La TOHU!


Esencial addresses transitions. Five characters who play and dream, and bring us along in their adventures across unexplored corners, where the best decision will ultimately be the simplest way. The spectacular scenography of the new Vaivén Circo show is inspired by Waldorf’s “rainbow”, a toy comprised of pillars and arches. The public witnesses an architecture that is evolving and able to reinvent itself, in the same way human beings seek progress. The scenography is poetic, creating a magical atmosphere, working with balance and subtilties that can make harmony turn into chaos in an instant. After travelling in Europe and performing at the greatest festivals, this Spanish company gives us the pleasure of performing their third creation for the first time in Canada!


Vaivén Circo is born in 2008 when Raquel Pretel, dancer, met Miguel Angel Moreno, circus artist, in the Catalan company Els Comediants. Since then, the company is constantly researching new forms by combining circus, dance and physical theatre with the idea of reaching high level of technical skills while telling a story.

Esencial is the third show produced by the Spanish company.

"A magnificent visual and rhythmic balance between artists and elements in harmony with sobriety and elegance."

El País