Tournoi de L'Impro Cirque 2019-2020

Les Improduits


Three days of competition, three incredible nights, three unique shows. The Tournoi de l’Impro Cirque is 16 circus artists from here and abroad, along with 4 seasoned actors, who face off as teams, like an improv league—with wacky themes, a specific number of players and various categories. It’s all accompanied by an improvised musical performance by Wonder-Trois-Quatre. The 6th edition of this unusual tournament is an exceptional opportunity to witness their creativity and unparalleled skills in never before seen acts. Under the watchful eye of the referee, the performances will mix together circus, music, sports, dance and theatre. The outcome of the competition is truly in the audience’s hands: which team will win the tournament? In the semifinals, two opposing teams outshine each other with originality to win over the crowd. Great circus and improv moments await!