Complexe environnemental de St-Michel

Strolling through the CESM, visitors will discover strange new landscapes with every step. The pathway leads over an old quarry, the Miron quarry, which can be toured on foot, by bike or on cross-country skis. Next, come impressive limestone cliffs, sculpted by decades of excavation, since this site once supplied the City with cement, concrete and construction materials.

A landfill site has gradually taken over the quarry operations. In 1988, as a result of simmering local discontentment, quarrying came to an end and the land was purchased by the City of Montreal. The City then initiated a vast landscaping project on the site. By 2020, this huge site will have been gradually transformed into a large urban park that brings together nature, culture, science and sport, a metamorphosis that visitors can see in progress.


  • Today, the Complexe environnemental de Saint-Michel comprises: 5.5 km of paths and 48 hectares of accessible land.
  • In 2020: 192 hectares accessible.



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