TH20 2560x610 Photophore TH20 2560x610 Photophore

Creative workshop : lantern by Omar Gammaoui

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In many cultures, light is used as a decorative element. With this creative workshop, people of all ages can make their own lantern. Placed wherever you wish, it will diffuse a soft light in your living space this Holiday season as well as throughout the year.

In this booklet, you will find the procedure to follow. Then, it’s your turn to shine. Whether in your cupboards or in the recycling bin, you will easily find most of the materials required to create magnificent lanterns.

Let your imagination run wild!

Omar Gammaoui TOHU

Concerned about the environment, the plastic artist from Casablanca, now established in Saint-Michel (Montréal), incorporates related issues in every aspects of his practice, whether in his art works, through the artistic movement he created Récupération or educational activities.

To create is to breathe, to breathe is to live and to live is to share.

“Recycling is our way of life, creating is my passion, breathing is a gift of nature, help us to breathe better by taking care of the environment”.

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