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Sweat & ink

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    75 min

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    10 years old+

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Sweat & ink is an exploration of acrobatic metaphors that questions the role of memory and human relationships in the composition of our identity.

A journey in 4 intertwined stories where each artist competes in technical prowess through a circus discipline (aerial hoop, cigar box, Russian bar, hand to hand...) to deliver a piece of imaginary life. Remarkable, raw, messy, funny and poignant, it is a show that will make you laugh, cry, jump, marvel, and above all, a show that will take your breath away.

The music, specially written for the occasion, is by the great Betty Bonifassi. Beware, a cascade of shivers awaits!


Alex, Eric and Tristan met in 2009 at the National Circus School of Montreal, from which they graduated respectively in aerial hoop, cigar box and acrobatic lift. During these years of training, they were drawn to each other by their respective explorations to combine a high level of circus technique with an insatiable taste for exploring creative paths that transcend this technique. They decide to form a Russian Barre trio which will be the discipline at the crossroads of their inspirations and their creative instincts.

It was also in 2009 that they began working with Sophie Picard, then director of operations for the 7 doigts de la Main and responsible for the project on the docks of the Old Port of Montreal. In 2012, they toured with the show Séquence 8, by the 7 Doigts de la Main. They are also invited to present their acts at hundreds of events around the world. During this time in France, Eve participated in the creation and touring of Le Grand C by Cie XY, while training in physical stunt techniques. She met the trio in 2016 during the creation of Vice & Vertu, by Les 7 Doigts de la Main. Together, the 4 artists turn their dissimilarities into a richness and expand their vision of possibilities.

Sharing the values of rigorous work and a taste for new creative challenges, urging each other to constantly push the boundaries of their disciplines and think further about their roles as human beings and artists, the quartet begins to imagine projects as committed creators and no longer solely as performers of award-winning acts. In 2019, the creative drive and passion of these 4 artists lead them to co-found, with Sophie Picard, Cirque Barcode. The 4 artists are co-founders, co-artistic directors and performers and Sophie is co-founder and executive director of the organization.

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As required by the Government of Quebec, persons 13 years of age and older must present their vaccination passport confirming that they have received two doses of a recognized vaccine against COVID-19 to attend TOHU events.

Proof of identity will also be required (with photo for those 16 years and older, without photo for those 13 to 16 years old).

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ARTISTS: Alexandra Royer / Eve Bigel / Eric Bates / Tristan Nielsen
COMPOSER: Betty Bonifassi
LIGHT CREATOR: Arnaud Belley-Ferris

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