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Drôle de cirque !

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Drôle de cirque ! is a participatory exhibition created as part of the cultural mediation project Du cirque en exposition. Around a hundred young people aged 8 to 12 from schools situated in the Saint-Michel district took part in an extraordinary adventure over a period of four weeks. A surprising foray into the world of art and collections, including the Jacob-William Fund, inspired them to create works of art that are presented in this unique exhibition.

People come to the circus to be amazed, to be moved, but also to laugh and be entertained. Humour holds a special place within the circus. This exhibition is a light-hearted space presenting children's views on circus humour and works from the Jacob-William Fund that pay tribute to it.

Laughter and humour are what allow people to share great moments, to activate a community dimension where words are no longer essential: to laugh together or to make others laugh is also to reach out to others, to offer a wonderful interlude that makes life even more beautiful!

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Drôle de cirque ! is a participative exhibition imagined within the framework of the cultural mediation project Du cirque en exposition realized with the financial support of the Quebec government.

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