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Des carrousels dans la tete TOHU Des carrousels dans la tete TOHU

Des carrousels dans la tête

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The exhibition Des carrousels dans la tête was conceived and produced by artist Karine Demers. Her paper works, created with theatre brochures (Théâtre Denise-Pelletier season 2018-2019), explore the transformation of matter and that of the psyche through fine, precise gestures repeated like an obsession...or a meditation.

The formal repetition, which unfolds in different directions, creates a dynamic that is renewed with each realization and thus becomes a tangible thing, the paper supporting the tireless repeated gesture of folding. As with the repetition of the text in the play and the staging, through which movements and words are renewed indefinitely to create the play, the repetition of the small pieces here creates the picture, through sequences, sequencing and duration. An individual becomes a character; brochures become flowers or circles like carousels hiding the emotions experienced by the artist.

The work of art, like the play, is intended to be seen as the result of a stripping down and release of emotions. The source of the performance or the painting is intimate and is sublimated in an object visible to all.

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