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The exhibition Evolution is inspired by a previous visual arts installation created by the artist Omar Gammaoui. A kind of artistic performance with time, space and material as the medium of creation, this evolving realization recalls the philosophy of cubism, one of the schools of art history of the early 20th century: deconstruct in order to reconstruct. This vision marked the artist and had a great influence on his works throughout his creative career. In this installation, everything changed, transformed and formed in order to determine space-time. The colors, by adding depth, created a visual balance.

Photos were taken during the creation process to create a stop motion video. The dynamic nature of the elements that made up this installation also offered an interactive experience with the public.

For Omar Gammaoui, Evolution is a moment of sharing according to a philosophy that has always been the fuel of his creative engine: to create is to breathe, to breathe is to live and to live is to share. True to his environmental convictions and personal philosophy, the artist says: "Recovering is my way of life, creating is my passion, breathing is a gift from nature, help us breathe better by taking care of the environment. In coherence with this thought, most of the materials that make up the installation presented here have been recovered.

The free activities are presented thanks to the financial contribution of the City of Montreal.

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