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Les ateliers Falla

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The Falla Saint-Michel brings the population together around a series of free public activities to promote the creativity and cultural diversity of the Saint-Michel neighbourhood through numerous artistic performances that ends with the blazing of the Falla which is the highlight.

The 2022 Saint-Michel Falla will celebrate three years of solidarity,resilience, and hard work. While our falleros were still able to dotheir creative work in the workshop, the construction of the structurehad to be postponed. In 2020 and 2021, we delivered “ready-toassemble”items to various organisations and citizens. Thus, theresidents of the neighbourhood were able to make visual elementsthat could be integrated into the structure. Since we couldn’t set thework ablaze, we designed the structure so that the annual creationscould be incorporated into the following year’s work.

This year, the general public will be able to participate in thecreation of the structure, named The Tree of Hope, by visiting the La Falla publics workshops presented by Desjardins on the TOHU site, where they will be able to make elements from recycled materials.

Saturdays and Sundays, from July 9 to August 21, from noon to 5pm.

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