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At the beginning, there is a dream: to hang a Chinese pole on an almost invisible line, a wire, leaving the object in motion.

Eager to master his body and to face risk, the young circus artist Nicolas Fraiseau undertakes a balancing act with a mast as his horizon. Without a cable or a fixed attachment at the beginning, the mast is more unstable than the man, thus forcing the artist to find a stability in himself, an anchor, a center. Through this figure who tries to rise by all means, the show deploys its power in the fragility and limits of the human condition.

Instable Credits Tomas Amorim 1

The company Les Hommes penchés, created by Christophe Huysman in 1995, welcomes artists and technicians from the fields of theater, circus, image, sound and light. The variable-geometry team, engaged in a process of exchange and experimentation, has formed a mobile laboratory. Together, they become a sounding board for the world's ills and its instability too...

The company Les Hommes penchés works to decompartmentalize practices and techniques, to mix languages, genres and people, and has made the question of forms, of the representation of contemporary man and the world, the nerve centre of its concerns.

"On his metal rod, Nicolas Fraiseau rubs shoulders with the absurd with a grace that he lets operate without trying to underline it. Suspended between comedy and tragedy."

- La Terrasse, 2018

"Immense challenge to the laws of physics, this first show by Nicolas Fraiseau imposes tension on the audience in front of the incredible risks taken by the young circus artist. The latter leaves exhausted from his performance. He gave everything, generously, madly. Sending back the idea that, to turn things around, an immense effort is necessary."

- Naja 21, 2019

Idée originale et jeu – Nicolas Fraiseau
Mise en scène – Christophe Huysman
Regards extérieurs – Mads Rosenbeck et Maël Tebibi
Création et régie lumière – Éric Fassa
Création son – Robert Benz, régie son – Robert Benz en alternance avec Coline Ménard
Scénographie – Nicolas Fraiseau, Christophe Huysman en collaboration avec Sylvain Fertard Constructions – Sylvain Fertard et Michel Tardif
Costumes – Mélinda Mouslim
Régie générale – Robert Benz
Administration/production/ Diffusion – Christine Tiana
Relations presse Elektronlibre – Olivier Saksik accompagné de Manon Rouquet
Photos © Tomàs Amorim, Jean-Paul Bajard, Rosina Pencheva

Production Les Hommes penchés
Avec l’aide de la SACD/dispositif Processus Cirque et l’aide à l’écriture et à la production de l’association Beaumarchais – SACD
Avec le soutien de l’Espace Périphérique (Mairie de Paris – La Villette EPPGHV), Latitude 50 – Pôle Arts du cirque et de la rue, Les Arènes de Nanterre – Lieu de fabrique, et de Teatroskop pour la tournée en Europe du Sud-Est (programme initié par l’Institut Français, le Ministère de la Culture et le Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères)

Accueil en résidence de création aux Arènes de Nanterre – Lieu de fabrique, Mimulus – Fresnay-en-Sarthe, Cirk’Eole, Académie Fratellini et Festival des 7 Collines – Saint-Etienne

La Compagnie est soutenue par la DRAC Ile-de-France et bénéficie du dispositif d’aide à la permanence artistique et culturelle de la Région Ile-de-France

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