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Presentations by the Students of the Circus and High School and Preparatory Programs of the National Circus School

KABOOM showcases the end-of-year presentations of students from the Circus and High School and Preparatory programs. Composed of two creations, this educational exercise emphasizes collective work and offers the opportunity for the next generation of circus artists to develop their presence on stage and their relationship with the public. Directed by experienced directors, students have the opportunity to work on original and colorful numbers that allow them to show their mastery of their discipline.

Entre nous

Created by Uriel Arreguin

A show for us and by us.
Inspired by a lovely interaction between space and time, Entre nous brings us together at the right moment. The exchange of a smile brings us to what we love most: being together to build deep bonds. Floating above the world, and no matter what force draws us into the void, some want to make this moment of suspension last as long as possible. The choices we make shape our path. The people we meet change our destiny. Faced with the unknown, some prefer to turn back, not living their dreams because they are living their fears. We all have wings. It is up to each of us to spread them and have the courage to fly.


Created by Itzel Viruega

The Circus and High School students are a micro-society in themselves, ephemeral, changing every year. Like any society, they hold, support, love, hate and are outraged… a forced alliance bound by a common passion. Today we present to you their community as it is.
With this creation, we want to remind you of our need to be together, the complexity of social relationships and that, despite our differences, we all come from the same people, humans. Let's take care of ourselves.

About the National Circus School

For more than 40 years, the National Circus School (NCS) has been training and developing the next generation of circus artists from Quebec and around the world. Renowned worldwide, the NCS is also dedicated to research and innovation in the field of circus arts, in addition to ensuring the conservation and enhancement of heritage, history and living memory of this age-old art. The National Circus School welcomes more than 150 students each year, representing approximately 25 nationalities. Over the past four decades, the NCS has trained more than eight hundred circus artists and teachers. Today, it is proud to have contributed to the birth of renowned companies, such as Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Éloize, The 7 Fingers and Cirque Alphonse.

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