TH23 2560x610 Spectacles Magie ombres TH23 2560x610 Spectacles Magie ombres

Magie d'ombres et autres tours

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Four sequences of shadows and magic, interspersed with film excerpts, redraw and embody the beginning of cinema, then the fascination of many directors for this art of illusion. The show is structured around two axes: shadows and magic, linked together by the cinema. In the shadow sequences, Philippe Beau updates an ancient art, anchoring it in today's reality. Characters and animals appear and follow each other in a process of "morphing". The faces emerge gracefully thanks to the artist's agile fingers. Shadows have a fantastic capacity to capture the viewer's imagination. Here, they have lost none of that power. These filmmakers who, from Bresson to Welles and from Méliès to Woody Allen, have integrated magic into their works are summoned. Philippe Beau dialogues live with these giants of illusion in sequences where homage and inventiveness are intertwined. Imagined as a mise en abyme, this solo show is a marvellous reflection on the links between the image, the shadow and illusion. Striking effects and incredible images follow one another to serve poetic and funny sketches.

Important: Please note that there will be no parking for the 2:00 p.m. performances. We encourage you to come by public transportation or to use the surrounding streets for parking.


From Las Vegas to Hong-Kong, from St-Petersburg to Montreal, Philippe Beau is now recognized worldwide as a specialist in shadow art. As a set designer, he creates shadow and light effects for exhibitions and shows and has created several unique and spectacular processes: relief shadows, giant shadows and monumental shadows. Author, creator and artistic advisor, film directors (Frederick Wiseman) and theatre directors (Robert Lepage), choreographers (Philippe Decouflé) and photographers regularly call on him to develop specific work around shadows, magic or hands. From 2006 to 2009, he conceived and presented several experimental shadow shows as part of the "Ombres et Lumières" exhibition at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie. In 2006, he invented the principle of giant shadows which he presented at the Grand Palais in Paris and at the Max Linder Panorama, thus reviving the origins of cinema. In 2012, he presented "shadow improvisations" to the public at the 104 in Paris, and in 2013, as an associate artist of La Comète, he created "Magie d'Ombres... et autres tours" (Magic of Shadows... and other tricks), putting shadows, illusion and cinema in abyme. Invited to perform at the mythical Crazy Horse in Paris, he is currently presenting his subtly choreographed "Ballet à 10 doigts".

Design, play, shadow play Philippe Beau

La Comète, Scène nationale de Châlons-en-Champagne

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