TH23 2560x610 Spectacles Passagers TH23 2560x610 Spectacles Passagers


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After a world premiere at TOHU in 2018 and a successful international tour, Passengers will be presented again in March 2023 with a new cast.

For the duration of a journey, strangers mingle in a train car. Within this window of time, they exist in a suspended reality. Reflections of their origins and embryos of their futures, they oscillate between regret and utopia. Inspired by the movement and transition of the journey, they tell their stories of escape and encounter. As the rhythm of the journey infuses the soundscape, revealing the contents of their luggage, they reveal themselves to the audience. Witnesses of the world that unfolds before their eyes and transforms them without their knowledge, they transform their compartment into a playground conducive to confidences. In line with the 7 Doigts' previous creations, Passagers is a celebration of the human being and a reflection on the importance and beauty of interpersonal relationships. Expanding the boundaries of the stage experience by combining dance, physical expression, acrobatics and projection, Les 7 Doigts invite the audience to meet characters who are like them. Once again, this creation is supported by original musical compositions and an international cast selected for its creative, multidisciplinary and collaborative spirit.


The 7 Fingers is an arts collective unlike any other. In 2002, the 7 founders set out to redefine circus by stripping down the spectacle to its thrilling essence.The contemporary company tells stories using death-defying acrobatics with a life-affirming theatricality that is unique to The 7 Fingers. Since its inception, the company has expanded from its own signature touring shows to creating theatrical experiences as diverse as the very artistic directors themselves: original productions varying from intimate one-man shows to large-scale arena performances, Broadway musicals, artistic collaborations with renowned international artists and companies, production design and direction, special events, Olympic ceremonies, televised performances, fashion, art and music events, immersive experiences and much more. Every one of these projects carries The 7 Fingers’ unequivocal mark. The company has consistently spread its horizons by mixing genres and exploring new ways to tell stories. Fascinated by the human condition, The 7 Fingers create performances that celebrate our world, our time and our humanity. Their shows tour the globe and bring audiences to their feet wherever they go. In 2018, The 7 Fingers opened their very own Centre of Creation and Production. Situated in the heart of Montreal’s downtown theater district, the new centre houses all of the company’s activities, departments and dreams under one roof.

A performance by Les 7 doigts de la main

Original idea, direction and choreography: Shana Carroll
Assistant director:
Isabelle Chassé
Cast 2023:
Kaisha D-W, Beto Freitas, Marco Ingaramo, Nella Niva, Mandi Orozco, Santiago Rivera Laugerud, Andrew Sumner, Guillaume Paquin, Méliejade T. Bouchard
Set design:
Ana Cappelluto
Musical Direction:
Colin Gagné
Johnny Ranger Johnny Ranger
Éric Champoux
Camille Thibault-Bédard
Head Coach:
Francisco Cruz
Shana Carroll Text
Einstein in the train:
Conor Wild

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