Triptyique Triptyique


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  • Duration

    75 min

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    Recommended for ages 12 and up

  • Location

    École nationale de cirque

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TRIPTYQUE is a show composed of three short, distinct shows presented one after the other.
Featuring higher education second-year students, this educational exercise invites our young talent to engage in research and creation related to the development of shows. Resolutely contemporary, the performances are directed by professionals from various artistic backgrounds who are chosen not only for their expertise, but also for their singular writing and their desire to find new forms of expression.

Avant dimanche

Created by Nicolas Boivin-Gravel

Welcome to our onomatopoeia ball, that stormy moment before Sunday dawn when we say to ourselves... why not? If you pay the slightest bit of attention when the fox thinks he is the crow, it may even be before the frills go crazy, you will witness great acrobatics with real circus flights. For a moment, you will be all we have and all we have left.

La nuit, les ombres

Created by Alex Trahan

Where do we go when we sleep? What is this great fog that awaits us every night? Dream or nightmare? In this place of all possibilities, we replay and replay again our dark sides and our buried fantasies. Chimerical creatures and other oddities are present. Should we fight our fears or tame them? What if we went through the forest of darkness instead of avoiding it. Let's find out what's hiding in the shadows at the end of the path. Who will we become on the other side?

Livraison de « Lava Cakes » sur Constellation [VASM]

Created by Vincent Jutras

We are half-cooked together. We are a group of neighboring stars who live half-days for centuries.
We are not connected by time or space, but by imaginary lines that help us find our way within our celestial sphere. Despite the distance and the years that separate us, we are a group in the eyes of the world. Let’s breathe.
Here is our cosmic package, our honest delivery, our package for you.

About the National Circus School

For more than 40 years, the National Circus School (NCS) has been training and developing the next generation of circus artists from Quebec and around the world. Renowned worldwide, the NCS is also dedicated to research and innovation in the field of circus arts, in addition to ensuring the conservation and enhancement of heritage, history and living memory of this age-old art.

The National Circus School welcomes more than 150 students each year, representing approximately 25 nationalities. Over the past four decades, the NCS has trained more than eight hundred circus artists and teachers. Today, it is proud to have contributed to the birth of renowned companies, such as Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Éloize, The 7 Fingers and Cirque Alphonse.

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