TOHU: an employer of choice
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TOHU: an employer of choice

Looking for job that makes a difference and can contribute to the development of projects with social, environmental and artistic values? TOHU is for you!

Whether you prefer working in an office or in the field, TOHU offers a wide range of positions to meet your ambitions in areas as diverse as technical services, administration, customer service, cultural programming or environment.

Socio-professional integration program

TOHU offers Saint-Michel district a socio-professional integration program. Its main objective is to promote sustainable integration through the development of attitudes and behaviours suitable for the employment market and school performance. The programs works in three complementary ways:

  • Accompanying participants in achieving greater financial, professional and social autonomy.
  • Fostering the employability of young people from culturally diverse communities and the improvement of their socio-economic conditions.
  • Raising the awareness of all TOHU staff, visitors and partners to the importance of including members of cultural communities, promoting intercultural bridge-building and openness to diversity.

Mentoring program

True to its mission of community engagement, TOHU provides customized support to its staff to raise their awareness to the realities of their professional sector, to identify their career ambitions and/or offer them career guidance. The mentoring program:

  • Promotes knowledge transmission.
  • Provides young people with positive role models to improve their current level of engagement and academic & professional involvement.
  • Fosters the integration of young people and improves the situation or people with more experience.
  • Promotes closer ties between the Customer Service and TOHU staff, between our partner organizations and other companies, thereby contributing to building a stronger solidarity network in the neighbourhood.