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Useful info

Note that there are no toilets, drinking water or food sources in the park. We suggest that you bring water bottles and snacks with you on your next visit. Of course you can always access TOHU, the reception pavilion, if you need it.

F bachcfrederiquemenardaubin 423 1516397576
crédit : Frédérique Ménard Aubin

Let’s Act Together to Keep Parks Open

City parks provide priceless green space for citizens living in metropolitan areas. In these challenging times, not only do they offer a place to relax and renew with nature, they are essential to our health and well-being.
Today, local park groups, sports clubs and public interest organizations are joining together to appeal to all Montrealers: If we want to keep our parks open in the coming weeks, we have a collective responsibility to seize now.
We thus are joining our voices to those of the municipal authorities and the Government of Quebec in a bid to mobilize Montrealers of all ages in favour of responsible park visitation:
● Choose your neighbourhood parks to avoid non-essential travel and converging in the same urban green spaces.
● Always respect social distancing measures prescribed by public health authorities: avoid gatherings and maintain a minimum distance of 2 metres with other park visitors.
● If a park is too busy, be flexible and change your plans.
● Let’s think collectively: One for all and all for one!
By acting together, we know we can make a difference! Share this message so that we can help maintain access to parks.

See the Government of Quebec health guidelines.

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