Resideces artistes TOHU Resideces artistes TOHU

Research and creation residencies

TOHU aims to stimulate the evolution of circus aesthetics. It encourages the exploration of new forms and practices in the field by offering a space dedicated to research activities and innovative initiatives. In response to COVID, TOHU is expanding its residency program for research and creation projects in circus.

This support is available to individuals, groups and not-for-profit circus organizations active in the production of a show.

TOHU can host the entire project or offer support to a specific part or aspect of the production, depending on its scale and the support requested. Tohu does not provide any financial assistance, but does support the creative process by way of facilities and services.


TOHU is proud to be supporting Montréal's active circus scene through hosting many creative residencies. You are invited to submit your creative residency project for our 2022 winter season taking place from January through March 31st, 2022.

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Production residences

TOHU offers professional artists, artist collectives and non-profit organisations access to its venue to support a project which writing, staging, set design and casting phases have been previously developed.

This type of residency aims at supporting the very last stages of the artistic process such as lighting design and sound effects.

In response to COVID, TOHU is working with Québec-based artists and companies to support the adaptation of works already in their touring repertoire, as well as works which were in development as of March 2020, into COVID-friendly formats.
Invitations for production residencies are generally extended by TOHU on a discretionary basis, with a focus on works of scale. If you would like to bring a project to our attention, please reach out to Sabine Jean, Circus Arts Support Coordinator, at

2345, rue Jarry Est,
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