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School Groups

La TOHU welcomes school groups from all walks of life, from daycare centers to elementary and high schools.

Exclusive benefits for school groups:

  • Preferential rate of 30% off the regular rate for high school groups
  • Preferential rate of 55% off the regular rate for elementary school groups, daycare centers and nurseries
  • For every 15 tickets purchased, the 16th is free!
  • Space is available for student lunches
  • Bus parking can be made available

In addition to the dates offered to the general public, we can open dedicated performances for schools if there is sufficient attendance. These performances are at times convenient to the school setting.

For your reservation requests, information on rates or any other request, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Contact: Morgan PERCHER - School Group Manager
morgan.percher@tohu.ca - 514-231-3140

Fall School Programming:

TH22 2560x610 Spectacles automne Air Play

Show : Air Play by Acrobuffos

Target audience: elementary school groups (5 years and older)
Duration :
55 min without intermission
Dates :
December 14 to January 1
School performance already open : December 21 at 2pm
Description :
A breathtaking tribute to the power of air. In Air Play, umbrellas fly, fabrics float above the audience, balloons swallow people and snow swirls, filling the stage. With startling images and laughter, Air Play bounces along the edge of definition: part comedy, part sculpture, part circus, part theater.
Air Play is a visual poem, without words, that brings to life the air we breathe.

"You feel like you are witnessing divine natural events rather than carefully crafted circus stunts." - Hartford Courant

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TH22 2560x610 Spectacles Noel Esencial

Show : Esencial by Vaiven Circo

Target audience: For all
Duration: 55 min without intermission
March 9 to 18
School performance already open on Wednesday March 15 at 10am and Friday March 17 at 10am
Option on Tuesday March 14 at 10am or 2pm
Option on Thursday March 16 at 10am or 2pm

ESENCIAL is a show about transitions. Five characters who play and dream, take us along in their adventures. This new show by Vaivén Circo presents a staging inspired by Waldorf's "Rainbow" game for children, composed of pillars and arches that offer a spectacular scenography. The audience is witness to a changing architecture capable of reinventing itself, in the same way as the human being seeks to progress.
A poetic scenography, ideal for recreating a magical atmosphere, working on the balance and its subtleties that make harmony change to chaos in a few seconds. After having travelled throughout Europe and participated in the most important festivals, the Spanish company is pleased to present its fifth creation for the first time in Canada.

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Discover also the rest of our public programming available in the evening for your classes!

TH22 2560x610 Spectacles Noel Diptyque

Show : Diptyque (Instante & Lontano) by Compagnie 7Bis

Target audience: 6 years and older
two 30-minute performances with intermission
Dates: February 2 to 4
No daytime school option

In these two performances, Lontano and Instante, which have the Cyr Wheel as their totem, the two dancers and acrobats Juan Ignacio Tula and Marica Marinoni push the limits of the body, raising several questions: What is the place of our body today? For what reason do we choose to engage our body? What does a body want?
Through the dialogue between flesh and wheel, Marica produces a poignant and hypnotic language before us. Rolling, risking, escaping, turning, deconstructing by dint of blows and falls: Lontano is a challenge to the storm of intoxication, a life drive, and a hymn to resistance.

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TH22 2560x610 Spectacles Noel Humans

Show : Humans 2.0 by Circa

Target audience: 8 years and older
Duration :
70 min without intermission
Dates :
February 15 to 19
No daytime school option

This new chapter in Circa's internationally acclaimed Humans is a tightly woven choreography of bodies, set to the music of composer Ori Lichtik and revealed by the dramatic lighting of Paul Jackson. Created by circus visionary Yaron Lifschitz, Humans 2.0 is intimate, primal, and deeply committed to the challenge of being human.
Ten bodies appear in a flash of light. They move in harmony for a fleeting moment, then enter a sinuous trance. Towers grow and decay, bodies jump and are caught, while physical limits are pushed to the extreme. Can we ever find a perfect balance or is adapting to constant change the only way forward?

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TH22 2560x610 Spectacles Noel Passagers

Show : Passagers by les 7 Doigts

Target audience : for all
90 min without intermission
March 23 to April 8
No daytime school option

Description :
For the duration of a journey, strangers meet in a train car. Within this window of time, they exist in a suspended reality. Reflections of their origins and embryos of their futures, they oscillate between regret and utopia. Inspired by the movement and transition of the journey, they tell their stories of escape and encounter. While the rhythm of the journey breathes its rhythm into the soundscape, revealing the contents of their luggage, they reveal themselves to the public. Witnesses of the world that unfolds before their eyes and that transforms them without their knowledge, they transform their compartment into a playground conducive to confidences.
In the tradition of the 7 Doigts' previous creations, Passengers is a celebration of the human being and a reflection on the importance and beauty of interpersonal relationships. Expanding the boundaries of the stage experience by combining dance, physical expression, acrobatics and projection, Les 7 Doigts invite the audience to meet characters who are like them. Once again, this creation is supported by original musical compositions and an international cast selected for its creative, multidisciplinary spirit.

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TH22 2560x610 Spectacles Noel Nuit Cerf

Show : La nuit du cerf by Cirque Le roux

Target audience: 7 years and older
Duration :
85 min without intermission
Dates :
April 25 to 30
No daytime school option
Description : After The Elephant in the Room, Cirque Le Roux presents the second part of its diptych La Nuit du Cerf - A Deer in the Headlights. This original creation, inspired by various events, mixes French New Wave and American Grindhouse movement of the 70s. An intrigue at once comic, strange and confusing.
Miss Betty is dead.... Her three children gather in the family home at the end of a forest road to prepare the funeral ceremony.
Suddenly, in a screech of tires, a mysterious shaggy and out of place stranger arrives. From there, everything changes: the newly reunited family settles its accounts, tears each other apart, loves each other, grabs each other, laughs, laughs, cries, dances, goes off the rails... and the funeral goes off the rails.
The Night of the Stag features a gallery of amazing, colorful, charismatic and funny characters. A work where the singularity, fragility and tenderness of human relationships catch up with us. Six virtuoso circus artists perform a series of balancing acts, hand to hand, banquine, aerial acrobatics, aerial frame, wire... Physical risk-taking and the depth of emotions is once again the creative choice and challenge of the company.
It is at the same time a tribute to the cinema, to the current circus, to humanity in all its fun, its clumsiness and its splendor.

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Enhance your school visit!

Would you like to enhance your experience at La TOHU, before or after a show? La TOHU offers a number of activities, so don't hesitate to contact us today to discuss them with our teams.

Cultural activities :

  • Visit our temporary exhibitions
  • Guided tours, educational activities and digital educational activities:

- Educational activity: History of the Circus
- Educational activity: The Clown in all its forms
- Educational resources: Circoluza (available soon)
- Guided tour: Discovering Frédéric-Back Park
- Guided tour : Frédéric-Back Park, a challenge of environmental ingenuity
- Guided tour: La TOHU, a bold and green architecture
- Educational activity: Discovery rally in Frédéric-Back Park
- Digital educational activity: On the road to zero waste
- Digital educational activity: Spring Buzz

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