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School Groups

La TOHU welcomes school groups from all walks of life, from daycare centers to elementary and high schools.

Exclusive benefits for school groups:

  • Preferential rate of 30% off the regular rate for high school groups
  • Preferential rate of 55% off the regular rate for elementary school groups, daycare centers and nurseries
  • For every 15 tickets purchased, the 16th is free!
  • Space is available, by reservation, for the students' lunch
  • Bus parking can be made available

In addition to the dates offered to the general public, we can open dedicated performances for schools if there is sufficient attendance. These performances are at times convenient to the school setting.

For your reservation requests, information on rates or any other request, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Contact: Morgan PERCHER - School Group Manager - 514-231-3140

Duel Reality scolaire TOHU

Duel Reality : Au jeu comme en amour by Les 7 Doigts

Level: Primary and Secondary
Duration: 60 min
Daytime school dates (option subject to availability):
- Wednesday, October 23 1:30 pm
- Thursday, October 24 1:30 pm
- wednesday october 30 1:30 pm
- thursday, october 31 1:30 pm
- friday november 01 13h30
- wednesday november 06 13:30
- Friday, November 08 13:30
- Wednesday November 13 13:30
- Thursday November 14 13:30
- friday november 15 13h30

"Two families, equal in nobility/ In fair Verona, where we set our scene/ Are drawn by ancient grudges to new brawls/ Where the blood of citizens stains the hands of citizens." - Romeo and Juliet
Here, the love story is reduced to the pure essence of its conflict. The stage becomes a sports arena, with the audience placed face to face, on both sides of the action. They witness the opposition of two groups, pitted against each other by default, driven by the desire to outdo each other. Beyond the provocation and conflict, the image of our two star-crossed lovers emerges. Insatiable gamblers, they don't seem to care about winning, as long as their participation brings them closer together. Competition is a game, but it can also become dangerously serious.

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Thank you!

We are so happy with the great feedback from the schools that came to La TOHU for the show MUSE by FLIP Fabrique last fall that we want to share it with you!

"We loved the show and so did our students. We had the opportunity, when we came back to class, to open up a nice discussion on the highly relevant topics addressed in the play Muse. I thank you for making us feel so welcome."
Justine, Teacher at École Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix

"We loved the Muse show. The rhythm was perfect, the theme was very topical and accessible for our students and we really appreciated the variety of numbers offered. Thank you, it was an excellent evening.
Stephanie, Principal at Des Chutes High School

"The show was extraordinary! The students really enjoyed it! Some even wanted to go back with their parents. The acrobatics were spectacular and the acts were dynamic. The subject matter was relevant and led to great discussions before and after the show.
Véronique, Teacher

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