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The self-training program gives circus arts professionals access to specialized equipment and a space for occasional or regular training to keep themselves fit for technical practice.
Starting October 2020, TOHU will host self-training at the National Circus School.
This page will continue to be updated.

New protocol:
Please read all of the following before booking!


Starting October 2020, only the following are eligible:

  • Professional artists
  • Solo artists
  • Duo or collective artists if they have been living under the same roof (proof required to be sent to at least 24 hours before the training)


IMPORTANT: Artists must bring their own acrobatic equipment!

  • Professional artists must provide their own equipment of any kind; personal equipment must be packed in an individual bag (e.g., identified drain bag) or be disinfected at the entrance (juggling or other accessories); no objects or pieces of furniture made of porous material or fabric will be allowed to enter the School.
  • In the event that a professional artist wishes to leave an apparatus on site, he or she must provide a bag (drain bag OK) IDENTIFIED with his or her FULL NAME. A place will be assigned.
  • Professional artists will be able to use the tools and disinfection equipment available at the School, under the guidance of a rigger.
  • Only vinyl mats may be used during training sessions. No Flex roller mats or pit (Bertha) will be available for pro artists.
  • Riggers make regular rounds in all areas of the School and during the residencies as well. They supervise disinfection procedures.


- The control for the handling of the hooking or lanyard systems (return of ropes with pulleys) is shared.
- The first time, the staff rigger will demonstrate the appropriate disinfection procedures to the artist.
- The ropes cannot be disinfected ; all users must wash their hands before and after use.
- The climbing handle must be disinfected after use. To do so, the rope must be removed from the handle before spraying.


Monday to Friday
Studio création only
Two blocks of 3 hours of training have been predefined:
Block 1: 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Block 2: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday
Training schedules and studios will vary each weekend. Please consult the schedule by date in our reservation system

Duration of the session:
The duration of the allotted session includes the warm-up period, the installation of the acrobatic equipment, the dismantling, cleaning and storage of this equipment, as well as any stretching period after training. The artist must leave any training area at the end of the exact time of his or her allotted session.


Studio Création : 4 training stations
Disciplines in ascent and descent without flight (fixed straps, rope, hoop, silks, dance trapeze without displacement), contortion, handstand.
- Zone C : Simple hanging point
- Zone D : Simple hanging point
- Zone F : Simple hanging point
- Zone G : Simple hanging point (+ chinese pole)

Studio Palestre : 4 training stations (some weekends only)
Disciplines in ascent and descent without flight (fixed straps, rope, hoop, silks, dance trapeze without displacement), contortion, handstand.
- Zone G : Simple hanging point
- Zone I : Simple hanging point
- Zone J : Simple hanging point
- Zone L : Simple hanging point

Studio Chapiteau : 6 training stations (some weekends only)

4 stations (C1, D1, F2, H) for disciplines in ascent and descent without flight (fixed straps, rope, hoop, silks, dance trapeze without displacement), contortion, handstand.
1 station (B) for swinging trapeze or ground discipline but without large displacement (handstand, contortion)
1 station (J) for tight wire or ground discipline without large displacement (handstand, contortion)

  • Zone C1: Single hanging point
  • Zone D1: Single hanging point (+ Chinese pole)
  • Zone F2: Single hanging point
  • Zone H: Single hanging point (+ fixed trapeze)
  • Zone B: Double hanging point. ONLY for swinging trapeze, contortion or handstand.
  • Zone J: ONLY for tight wire, contortion or handstand

Studio Danse : 1 training station (some weekends only)
- Zone Danse : No aerial. Ideal for Cyr wheel, German wheel, contortion, handstand, ground work.

NOTE : if your discipline requires a larger space or a double hanging point, such as Cyr wheel, German wheel, swinging trapeze, fixed trapeze, tight wire, please contact the box office via or 514 376-8648.


5$ per artist per practice.
Pullers do not have to pay but will have to fill in the form « release-waiver-indemnity / health standards » and complete the ENC arrival and departure questionnaires on the day of training (see explanations below) !

Coaches are not allowed.


Access to the training areas is subject to strict discipline and to the participation of everyone, as well as to the maintenance of equipment and objects with which you have been in contact.
To train at TOHU, you are required to:
- accept the terms and conditions enumerated in the reservation system (indemnity/hold harmless/health standards); and
- to complete the questionnaires of arrival and departure at the time of each venue at the ENC


Professional artists must follow the access procedures (see below in Booking Procedure) and meet a rigger at their first visit.

At ENC, wearing a face cover (note: the mask must be a ‘procedure’ mask, aka blue, and not a cloth mask) is mandatory at all times and while working in the studio. Fabric face cover is not accepted. Procedure masks are not provided by the School.

No one may circulate in the School or occupy any other room or training area other than the one assigned to them. Professionals’ access to locker rooms is prohibited.

Professional artists are requested to use the elevator only. Stairs are reserved for students only.

Exclusion of symptomatic people from TOHU premises

People with symptoms are part of the COVID-19 chain of transmission. Procedures that take into account the following can help prevent transmission of the disease:

  • Any professional artist who, IN ADVANCE OF HIS OR HER ARRIVAL AT ENC, feels symptoms similar to the flu/cold/COVID, must complete the symptom self-evaluation tool on the website and take the actions indicated by the tool:
  • Artists who train or rehearse at ENC or at TOHU, or are under kind of contract with TOHU, who receive a positive result at COVID-19 MUST notify TOHU upon the receipt of their test result. Please notify a live person via telephone by calling the following numbers in this order (you may stop calling once you have reached a live person): (Box office : 514 376-8648 ; Anaïs Devillers : 438 520-8657 ; Marina Di Blasi : 514 945-2551) ;
  • If symptom onset occurs while at TOHU/ENC, the artist shall immediately isolate in the location provided by TOHU/ENC. Since he/she must be removed from the community, a call to # 877 644-4545 will allow him/her to obtain instructions to follow;
  • Results from the public health survey will determine whether people who have been in contact with the symptomatic person can return to the premises or if they must isolate themselves;


Space booking is only available online.

No email requests will be taken into account (except in specific cases: if your discipline requires a larger space or a double hanging point, such as Cyr wheel, German wheel, swinging trapeze, dance fixed trapeze, tight wire, please contact the box office via or 514 376-8648).
No one will be admitted without an appointment.

Book your self-training


ACCESS TO THE PREMISES (must repeat these steps each day of training/rehearsal/performance)

  • Complete the arrival questionnaire online to certify the absence of symptoms.
  • The employee at the reception desk will take the temperature, using a non-contact thermometer, of any person arriving at the School.
  • Complete a departure questionnaire online when leaving the School.
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Upon arrival and departure from the School, each person must scan the corresponding QR codes with their cell phone in order to access the questionnaires.

iPhone and Android 9 or most recent :
- For iPhone only : Check in Settings > Camera that the "Scan QR Codes" option is enabled.
- Open the Camera application
- Aim the QR code with the back camera of your phone
- Click on the notification that appears at the top of your screen
- Fill out the questionnaire

For any other version of Android:

Having trouble scanning QR codes? Access the questionnaires via the following links:

- Arrival questionnaire: - Departure questionnaire:

Please ensure that your device is capable of scanning QR codes before you arrive at the School.

You can also save the questionnaires in your favourites so that you can quickly access them each time you come to the School.

Don't have a cell phone? Notify the receptionist so that she can ask you the questions.


Any person entering the School buildings has the obligation to :

- Wear a face cover at ALL TIMES regardless of the activity
- Wash your hands according to the procedure upon arrival and avoid touching your face.
- Respect the physical distance rule of 2 meters at all times.
- Keep your personal belongings in a bag at all times and avoid putting them in multiple places.
- Disinfect circus props when they have been outside the school at the disinfection station provided for this purpose near the entrance.
- Users must wash their hands:
- At each change of room and before leaving the toilets
- After coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose;
- Before and after eating
- Before wearing and when removing protective equipment.
- A mainly one-way traffic system has been established
- At all times, refer to the arrows on the ground.
- It is only permitted to use the fountains to fill unbreakable and airtight water bottles. Do not drink directly from them.


The periods of free training could coincide with ENC's projects. As a result, La TOHU cannot guarantee the exclusive use of the spaces allocated for free practice.
La TOHU may cancel or move a training period or space on simple notice to the Artist and without further formality.

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