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Due to recent health measures, masks must be worn at all times, even during training sessions.

The self-training program gives circus arts professionals access to specialized equipment and a space for occasional or regular training to keep themselves fit for technical practice.

Starting January 2021, Cirque du Soleil will host self training in André Simard Studio. The management of this service for professionals is provided by the TOHU team.

TOHU also offers training spaces in some studios of the National Circus School (see specific regulations for the ENC HERE).

This page will continue to be updated.

New protocol:
Please read all of the following before booking!


Only the following are eligible:

  • Professional artists
  • Solo artists
  • Duo or collective artists if they have been living under the same roof (if they do not live together they must keep the mask on during training).


IMPORTANT: Artists must bring their own acrobatic equipment!


Cirque du Soleil : Monday to Friday

Two blocks of 3 hours of training have been predefined:
Block 1: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Block 2: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

National Circus School: schedules vary each week

Duration of the session:
The duration of the allotted session includes the warm-up period, the installation of the acrobatic equipment, the dismantling, cleaning and storage of this equipment, as well as any stretching period after training. The artist must leave any training area at the end of the exact time of his or her allotted session.

Training studio availability may vary from week to week.
In case all time slots are already booked, you can check availability with other companies: Le Monastère, Les 7 Doigts, Cirque Eloize and La Caserne.


André Simard Studio (Cirque du Soleil) : 7 training stations.

  • Zone A: Taraflex surface, 3:1 muffle air zone, double lanyard (width: 15' / length: 20’)
  • Zone B: Taraflex surface, 3:1 muffle air zone, double lanyard (width: 15' / length: 20’)
  • Zone C: Taraflex surface, 3:1 muffle air zone (width: 15' / length: 20’)
  • Zone D: Taraflex surface, 3:1 muffle air zone (width: 15' / length: 20’) (NB: the Taraflex surface could be removed to practise directly on concrete)
  • Zone E: Fixed trapeze with double lanyard, spacer bar, Taraflex surface (H: 32’ / width: 18' / length: 30’)
  • Zone F: Dance mat on concrete, double lanyard (width: 20' / length: 24’)
  • Zone G: Dance mat on concrete (width: 20' / length: 24’)
  • Zone F/G: Dance mat on concrete, double lanyard, anchor for soft or hard wire (width: 24' / length: 40’) (to book this zone F/G, please contact the box office at or 514 376-8648).

The swinging trapeze is unfortunately not allowed in the André Simard studio. However there is some availability on Sundays in the ENC studio. If you wish to reserve, please contact the box office.

NOTE: All zones will be equipped with the following facilities:

  • A table and two chairs distancing
  • Hand sanitizer and sprayer for equipment
  • Dustbin and tissues
  • A “Flexi-roll” or “Troscelène” section
  • A reception mat “Crash-Mat”

National Circus School: the number of training stations varies according to the availability of studios (more information at the time of sale).


Self-training in Studio André Simard will be free for any artist thanks to the support of Cirque du Soleil.
Self-training in the ENC studios will be free for any artist thanks to the support of TOHU and ENC.


Access to the training areas is subject to strict discipline and to the participation of everyone, as well as to the maintenance of equipment and objects with which you have been in contact.

To train at the Cirque du Soleil and ENC, you are required:

  • To accept the conditions listed in the booking system (indemnity/responsibility/health standards)
  • To sign the COVID-19 declaration each time you come to Cirque du Soleil or to fill out the questionnaire of arrival and departure at the ENC.

OBLIGATION for all artists and accompanying persons to be aware of the health standards to be respected and the document of release-waiver-indemnity by completing this form.


Space booking is only available online, via the link below.
Reservation openings are on the Monday of the previous week.

No email requests will be taken into account.
No one will be admitted without an appointment.


For any reservation changes or cancellation, please contact the box office at or 514 376-8648.

On the day of training:

  1. Obligation to wear a mask and wash hands when entering the building.
  2. Go to the Cirque du Soleil reception desk to write your arriving time and sign the COVID self-declaration (address: 8400 2e Av., Montréal, QC H1Z 4M6)
    Go to the ENC reception desk (entrance at 8181 2e Av., Montreal, QC H1Z 4N9) and fill out the arrival questionnaire.
  3. Go to your training area following the one-way traffic flow.

Cirque du Soleil : Training zones are assigned. The artist will be able to remove his face cover (mask) within his training area. The artist will have to put it back on to move outside of the training area.

National Circus School : Training zones are assigned. The artist must keep the procedure mask on at all times, even during training.

4. Clean your equipment by yourself before starting your training and before leaving.
5. After your training, come back to the reception by following the one way traffic flow, and write your departure time.


The periods of free training could coincide with TOHU, ENC or Cirque du Soleil projects. As a result, La TOHU cannot guarantee the exclusive use of the spaces allocated for free practice.

La TOHU may cancel or move a training period or space on simple notice to the Artist and without further formality.

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