Activities in the CESM park

Activities in the SMEC

A 5.5 km trail goes through the SMEC. It is the ideal track for running, cycling and snowshoeing. Other activities are held all year round.

Courses sportives

Don't miss theses 3 events at the CESM!

Au programme:
June 18 : défi-entreprise (course et épreuves sportives)
October 14 : la Petite dernière (courses)
November 5 : la MEC (courses).

Cardio plein air.

Cardio Plein Air at the SMEC

To feel good, to be active

Accessible, comprehensive and secure, our training programs allow thousands of people achieve their fitness and wellness goals. No more grey ceilings, almost blinding lights and poor quality air that offer conventional gyms. Choosing Cardio Plein Air means taking advantage of the natural energy that fills and surrounds our Quebec parks along with the company of others that are passionate about physical training, and under the supervision of a qualified and friendly staff.

Discover the cutting-edge programs offered by Cardio Plein Air at: (online registration, in french). For more information please contact: Mélissa Allaire-Morin at 450 965-7652 or at