Environmental tour guides

Environmental Guided Tours

TOHU offers five environmental and eco-citizenship awareness activities for school groups and others.

Saint-Michel day camps: FREE
Other day camps: $4 per child

*Thanks to Liberté for for having provided material for this activity!

Guided tour of the TOHU building and Saint-Michel Environmental Complex Kids: 8 years old and up

Find out about the historical, contemporary and future Saint-Michel Environmental Complex (SMEC) and TOHU. After visiting the TOHU building, you will be introduced to Montréal’s Sorting Centre for Recyclable Materials and its sorting processes.

During the nice season, you will explore parts of the SMEC to learn more about waste covering techniques and the technology used for site rehabilitation. Bicycle tour available!

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Guided tour of TOHU’s green building For university and college graduates

This tour focuses on the TOHU Pavilion’s green architecture and technology for which it has been awarded LEED Canada Gold certification. With visits to both inside and outside the building, you will be introduced to all the details of its design and construction.

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To prepare your class for the visit

Take advantage of our accompanying pedagogical kits. These programs are developed for use your preparation and your visit.

Primary Handbook
Secondary Handbook