Atelier grain de ciel TOHU Alexandre Galliez Atelier grain de ciel TOHU Alexandre Galliez

Grain de ciel

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    TOHU and parc Frédérick-Back

TOHU offers 3 days of festivities that will highlight the sky of Frédéric-Back Park for the happiness of the whole family. Grain de Ciel brings together experienced kite flyers from various regions of Quebec, Canada and the United States. What stands out about this enchanting event is its location in the heart of an urban agglomeration, more precisely at TOHU and in the middle of Frédéric-Back Park.

At TOHU, take part in kite-making workshops, discover the exhibition of kite artist Robert Trépanier and come for a snack at the Bahut while letting yourself be captivated by an acrobatic act of the Collectif en masse.

At Frédéric-Back Park, witness acrobatic flying performances, Rokkakus kite fights and thrilling circassian performances.

Friday 24 June:
17h to 19h - Opening of the exhibition Insolite ou comment danser avec le vent by Robert Trépanier at the TOHU

Saturday 25 and Sunday 26:
11am to 5pm - Parc Frédéric-Back
12pm to 4pm - The Kite Factory (Kite Manufacturing Workshop) TOHU
11am to 5pm - Tohu/Parc shuttle service - Paul-Boutet entrance at TOHU

Saturday, June 25
To see, to do in the park:
Initiation, kite loan
Demonstration of acrobatic and artistic flights
Giant kites
Rokkaku kite fighting
Giant soap bubble workshop
Guided tour - registration on website

To see at TOHU:

Robert Trépanier exhibition Insolite or how to dance with the wind

The kite factory

Circus performance on Saturday June 25
Collectif en masse - ambulatory in the park
*Special presentation at La TOHU at 12:30 pm

Circus performance on Sunday June 26

Anouk Vallée-Charest - Battements de Cirque, aerial fabric performance in the park.

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