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TOHU's Fundraising campaign

On February 25, 2021, TOHU’s annual fundraising evening should have taken place. This high-profile event brings together more than 500 distinguished guests from the business, artistic and cultural communities around a major issue: access to employment for youth in the Saint-Michel district.

Last year, this event enabled us to raise nearly $185,000, which was used to ensure the hiring and mentoring of local youth among our wage employees.

As you know, we cannot hold our fundraiser in its traditional form this year. That’s why we created the campaign Your donation, a stepping stone for the future.


Thanks to your generosity through the campaign Your donation, a stepping stone for the future, we will provide scholarships, mentoring, paid internships and professional training to our customer service employees. Over the past year, these employees have seen their working hours vanish, and we want to support them by actively participating in their professional and academic success.”
Stéphane Lavoie,
TOHU’s Executive and Programming Director

crédit photo : Cindy Boyce

As a show presenter and corporate citizen of Saint-Michel, TOHU is one of the industry’s most affected, both by the nature of our activities - which have been halted, and by our geographic location at the heart of a district that has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. Unfortunately, it is our customer service employees who are paying a higher price. That is why we want to lend them a helping hand for their future.

“I invite everyone who can to give generously to this campaign. It is an incredible stepping stone for the young members of the team. And who knows? Your donation could help one of these up-and-coming individuals to be part of your team one day!”
Diane Lemieux,
Chair of TOHU’s Board of Directors

Financial help is important for the pursuit of TOHU's mission. To date, more than 600 youth have benefited from the organization's support since 2004. Your support and generosity are necessary to ensure the sustainability of this employability program, which is so important to the district’s youth.


A recent survey of our 90 customer service employees shows that 80% of them wish to pursue their studies to a higher level or return to school, and that TOHU’s support would greatly help them. In addition, the majority of them are interested in internships and would like to attend mentoring meetings. The campaign You donation, a stepping stone to the future responds to these main needs.


An expert committee was put together to ensure the need analysis and the organization of the professional accompaniment program. The members of this committee will be announced shortly. Each donation will have a real impact for our youth.


This district, which welcomed TOHU and the Cité des arts du cirque with open arms 17 years ago, is one where we find the most disadvantaged communities in the metropolis. After receiving such a warm welcome there, TOHU has chosen, with the help of its partners, to collaborate responsibly with the community, particularly through its employability program and the many free activities organized for district residents. For 17 years, TOHU's active and deep involvement in this borough is making a difference for the inclusive development of the communities in the district and surrounding areas.

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The statistics prove it: The Saint-Michel district needs are important. According to the 2016 census, Saint-Michel is one of Montreal's most densely populated neighbourhoods and one of the most economically and socially underprivileged.

32.5% of the district residents aged 15 and over are without a diploma, compared to 16.9% for the Island of Montreal. In addition, in 9.4% of Saint-Michel families, no parent has a high school diploma, compared to 3.7% for the Island of Montreal. Finally, 40.7% of 5-year-old kindergarteners in Saint-Michel are considered vulnerable in at least one of the 5 areas of development covered by the Kindergarten Child Development Survey (2017), compared to 28.5% for the Island of Montreal. The 5 domains targeted are: physical health and well-being, social skills, emotional maturity, cognitive and language development, communication skills and general knowledge.

According to 2016 statistics, the unemployment rate in Saint-Michel is 13.7% compared to 9% for the Island of Montreal. Of those who work, 40% have a full-time job, compared to 45% for the Island of Montreal.

30.1% of the district residents lives below the poverty line, compared to 21.3% for the Island of Montreal. The average after-tax income in Saint-Michel is $24,248 compared to $35,155 for the Island of Montreal.

*Source: Vivre Saint-Michel en santé


Notre comité d'experts


Directrice générale
CJE Centre-Nord

« J’y vois une belle opportunité d’unir nos expertises mutuelles comme partenaire, afin de faire rayonner St-Michel et soutenir les jeunes de notre quartier en les soutenant et les encourageant à aller plus loin. Parfois, c’est le petit coup de pouce qui manque et qui fera toute la différence! »

Nathalie Charland TOHU

Directrice, Ressources humaines et Communications
Caisse Desjardins du Centre-est de Montréal

« À la TOHU, comme chez Desjardins, nous valorisons grandement le capital humain et c’est pourquoi je suis très heureuse d’avoir la chance de faire partie de ce comité qui aura le mandat de sélectionner les candidats les plus prometteurs et les plus engagés. »


Vice-Président des Ventes
Keurig Dr Pepper Canada

« Keurig Dr Pepper Canada est implanté dans Saint-Michel depuis plusieurs décennies et notre engagement envers la communauté du quartier nous tient à cœur. Nous sommes heureux de nous impliquer sur le comité qui se penchera sur l’employabilité locale : c’est un élément très important qui contribue à dynamiser le quartier, à améliorer les conditions socio-économiques des Michelois et à favoriser la diversité culturelle au sein des entreprises et organisations de chez nous. »


Directrice principale, Partenaire opérationnel Placements au Québec et Investissement durable
Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec

« Pour réussir dans la vie, ça prend des efforts, du travail et une part de chance. J’ai décidé de mettre mon expertise à profit pour offrir, humblement, à des jeunes de Saint-Michel cette chance. »


Directrice générale
Maison d'Haïti

« J'accepte cette tâche avec joie car elle est l'aboutissement de la mise en commun de nos ressources et des efforts de la TOHU et de la Maison d'Haïti, depuis plusieurs années. »

An official receipt will be issued for all donations of $50 or more.
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